All is Well

I've been wanting to update since, well September... but having a baby really doesn't leave room in my life for all of those lovely introspective, fill-the-hours things like blogging, anymore. I'm lucky that I had so many years of self indulgence! I hadn't read a book either since pregnancy, until I got wise and started downloading books onto my iphone. The only time I have to read is during nursing when I can't hold a book because I need my hands, or right after when he's fallen asleep, and its dark. So I am glad for my iphone.
This will be really short, because its 2 AM and the only reason I'm not asleep is that I ate chocolate and I'm buzzed on the caffeine.
I am so in love with my little boy. I love being a mommy MORE than I ever dreamed I would. Nurturing a child is the most delicious thing ever. That said, when I make parenting mistakes, its so very scary, he's so precious and open and vulnerable. Tho he does seem to recover from any and all booboo's very quickly.
My boy is ten months old now. He is such a Leo, totally outgoing, smiling and calling out to people he see's(it really seems like mostly pretty young women!) and charming them. He is strong and energetic and happy. He sings and loves animals and waves bye-bye and this week he has taken a few staggering steps letting go of what he was holding onto in the playground and throwing himself into my arms. This week he started to dance for the first time to music we had on. He also clapped his hands for the first time. (now he claps every time he nurses!LOL.) So much has happened this week. He is evolving so fast its dizzying.
Here are a few recent pics of my Noonie (where do we get these nicknames?). Enjoy them.


  1. Beautiful. So happy to read this.

  2. I think of you often. Glad to see you are well. I am also overdue for an update. I better get on that!

  3. so precious!
    very happy to hear from you :)

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