Don't you think maybe every ivf blog has a post called "pincushion"? Well here's mine.

Since this is my first ivf ever, I realized I have some shiny new hope and excitement that it might work, coming out in at least one mighty weird way. I have been looking forward to my lupron shots. Enjoying them. I can't tell you how strange this is for me. Especially since I have always been phobic about shots and needles of any sort. I was that kid who would start crying when I even found out I had to go to the doctor... getting a terrible knot in my stomach.
I actually volunteered for the Red Cross blood mobile when I was a teenager in an attempt to get over my fear. Didn't work. (They have BIG ass needles, have you seen them?).

So I realized that it was the ritual that I liked, kind of like a pot heads cherished routine of picking through their pot, rolling it up... (not a pot head-me but I've seen a few at close range).. in anticipation of getting stoned.. in my case on baby fantasies.
I even felt like an Olympic medalist last week when I gave myself my own shot..something I'd thought I'd never do. The lupron needle is so tiny.. if I squeeze the area, most times I literally can't even feel it go in.

I felt that way about the acupuncture too.. but it's all wearing off.. I am starting to hate it. My slightly obsessive hubby has insisted I go to acupuncture three times a week. The needles have been hurting me. They don't always, but I was sick for three weeks and they really hurt during that time. The acupuncturist said it was because my energy was weak during that time. I feel like a pincushion. I can't take being poked any more!!!


There is good news on this front. Right before I started my cycle, my RE changed the clinic protocol, from PIO shots to Crinone. I was SO relieved!!!!
I am in awe of you women who have been giving yourselves PIO shots!!!

So tomorrow I drive an hour to my clinic for what I assume is the uterine lining check and blood tests. I imagine I will hear tomorrow how the donor is doing and whether we will actually do the retrieval on Friday as projected. If all goes well, transfer in a weekish!!!

Ok, off to acupuncture.


  1. Can't stand the acupuncture needles in my ears. Otherwise, it's OK, and I find it really relaxing. I didn't do it this time around; the time just got away from me. I'm more in control in a frozen cycle, but when there is another live human being involved, it is more unpredictable. I just lost sight of the big picture and didn't schedule it.

    My clinic went from PIO to Crinone to Endometrum (tablet). What goes up must come down, I guess (yuck). During my first donor cycle (the one that resulted in my daughter), I grew to hate it so much that I switched back and forth between PIO and Crinone. Nuts, I know. Now, I wouldn't want to go near PIO.

    Good luck!

  2. I'm on PIO now and they said I could use the endometrium when he is out of town. Let's just say he's going away on a very long business for the next 8 weeks. LOL! My bum is so sore and I just started them on Saturday!