Still Here, But Now With KITTENS! (No, I did not deliver them myself)

I have been feeling a need to forget the world of infertility and its many doings for a while. I hit some kind of wall and just didn't want to talk about anything anymore. Going through the whole IVF, getting the negative, and then having to do polyp surgery after (which I was scared of), felt like a real emotional blow on top of stress, to me. Part of me needed to go into hiding.

I've gone through a lot with wanting children, and trying to have them, but there was a certain level of hurt and sadness that I have read about on your blogs, that was revealed to me, that I finally felt myself. All of a sudden I couldn't read all of the seemingly abundant blog announcements of positive pregnancy tests. Especially the women who cycled near me in time. My sisters joyful days. That was shocking to me because I usually feel very inspired by success, and really happy for your joy!
I don't like feeling that way, not one bit!! Thus, the hiding.
I think I'm coming back to earth now a bit.. I'm having a desire to catch up on my blog reading and see who is doing what. The positive side of this is that it does seem like a lot of us actually do get pregnant!!

I have since had the surgery, which was not at all painful or traumatic. I'm so glad it is over.

My sweetie and I also both felt the need to add a kitten to our household... Certainly I was needing to be a momma to some creature. We also have an adult cat who seemed to need some company last winter after his friend was struck and killed by a car. When we went to our local shelter to choose one, Sweet Man and I bonded with different kittens. Then we bonded with each others kittens. Instead of being sensible and perhaps going home and sleeping on it, we couldn't stand the idea that someone else may adopt them, so we now have too adorable, playful, poopful kittens.

We have had them for over 3 weeks now and haven't come up with names yet. They're just Boykitty and Girlkitty. Boykitty is on the bottom in the photo. He is smaller. I know he looks a little uncomfortable, but it was just so cute with his little legs dangling. Trust me, he is treated like a prince. They are both very cuddlesome and satisfying to love.

My husband and I thought we would start again right away with another donor egg IVF after the surgery, But our bubble was popped when all three of our chosen donors had waiting lists. Pretty long too, we were like 4th or 5th on all of them. We had a fourth donor, but we were eleventh on her list, so forget it. We had been lured in to unsuspecting expectation of ease with this situation since our first donor was available right away. We decided not to go with her again though, since it was possible our dismal results had to do with her. I had no idea about waiting lists! I'm 48 and a half, so this waiting business is really hard. For a while there I was panicked, but upon having a chat with the donor coordinator in which I asked to go over each donors list in detail, turns out that some of the people ahead of us had done other things, so we've been bumped up to next on two, and second on the one we really want, tho shes doing split cycles so maybe we're next, too. They have all just started cycles with other people at this point. So probably some time this summer. I hope!


  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere. Sounds weird cause I didn't follow you for long but I missed you and wondered what happened to you. Hope it all goes well with the new donor search/waiting.

  2. Thank you, Paige! That warms my heart. You know I thought of you several times during my little "break" too and wondered how you were, too. Now I will go check out your blog and see!

  3. Hang in there. It will all come together. Meanwhile, just have fun with those kitties.

  4. Oh my gosh, what a couple of cuties! Kittens just melt my heart. It's funny, DH and I did something similar last fall. Our older cat had died and we wanted a kitten but somehow the shelter talked us into two (I guess it really wasn't that hard). Our boykitty looks very much like your boykitty but with green eyes instead of blue. Our girlkitty is all black.

    I'm glad to hear you're trying again with another donor. Did you end up getting the sperm DNA test for your husband? We've decided to move forward with donor eggs as well, and I hear you on the waiting thing. Our donor isn't available all summer and then she's donating for another couple this fall. We probably won't be able to cycle until January!

    In any event, welcome back and I'm glad you had a nice break!

  5. Oh the kittens are so cute and they will give you so much love which you deserve. x

  6. Your kitties are adorable! I'm happy you're back and your feelings are very normal. I've had them before and totally understand how you have been feeling. It is painful and for me I would get annoyed with myself for not being happy for others. Enjoy this time while you wait and before you know it you will be next up!

  7. I thought I had responded to your post, just realized I hadn't...drat.
    Regardless, it's so good to see you again, Rosie! Totally understand the need to lay low for a little bit . Happy to hear you had the surgery and all went well, too.
    And oh my goodness, your kittens are adorable!!

    Please keep us posted on how you are and where you are with your donor eggs. Hang in there!!

  8. They are adorable! It's always great to have two so they have each other for company.