Crinone to Give Away

We were short a few Crinone doses to complete our protocol, and found that the cost for those would be the same $50 insurance copayment as two whole boxes..That stuff is expensive at over $20 a dose! So I ordered two boxes figuring some internet sister could use some free Crinone. I have a full unopened box of 15 and an open box of 11 (of course the actual Crinone sticks are unopened), left. Its all brand new.. just got it. And lordy I am glad to be seeing the last of it however important it was to the present survival of this pregnancy, hallelujah, I'm done with it!!
Just leave some contact info in the comments, of send me an email at birdolove@gmail.com.


  1. You are a sweetheart. I am going to post this link on my blog and see if there are any takers I know.

  2. Congrats on graduating!

    If I knew for certain that we would be able to swing another cycle, I would take it. I'm sure you will find someone.