2 Heartbeats!

Drove an hour in the snow to finally see two beautiful babies in there..with wonderful heartbeats, both beating at 153 bpm. One measured 7w3d and one 7w5d. And then drove an hour back. It has been snowstorms for every single sonogram.. 3 in a row. Now we are home with our sonogram picture, and a video that we took on my iphone. I highly recommend videoing your sonograms.. very exciting. I was going to post it but there was no way I could do it without including identifying information. So here is our pic of both twins inside their gestational sacs with yolk sacs, too. The yolk sacs are the little round things. The embryo on the right is very easy to see, above the yolk sac, and you can even see arm and leg buds! Wow. This all happens very very fast.

We stopped at my honey's mother's house on the way home to finally tell her that I was pregnant. We waited this long because we haven't told anyone in his family that we are doing fertility treatments. We have both been afraid of being judged about it, from past comments his sister had made, and from reading the stance the Catholic church has on IVF. (his family is Catholic, while he is more of a spiritual person) The church's stance is quite chilling, in fact. Words like "gravely evil" are used. I don't want to expose myself to any of that kind of negativity. Anyway, the good part is that his mom was incredibly excited and happy, with lots of loving hugs and kisses. No questions were asked about how someone as old as I could conceive, etc. She's pleased about the twins, too. Whew! That went well! She even sent me home with a box of crackers for the morning sickness.

So I'm off to the city to work, and do my supervision groups and see friends. I'll be there for the whole weekend, an escape from my little cabin-fever inducing cottage. One of my peers is expecting a baby with his girlfriend in February, and they are having a baby shower brunch in the village. I'm totally chuffed that someone I know, who is my age is becoming a parent the same year that I (hopefully) will. He is 51.. I'm sure his ladylove is younger.

I'm feeling better than I have been, the depression seems like it's lifting, and I have a little tiny bit more energy. And I have been feeling excited. Finally. It's very good. Your comments have been really helping me through.. you are all SO GREAT!!!


  1. Here from ICLW. Congratulations on the double heartbeats!! That is so exciting :)

  2. Congratulations, Rosie!! I'm thrilled for you and your DH! Seeing the heartbeat(s) is quite a surreal moment :) I'm glad his family was equally as happy, and didn't ask questions. Those 2 babies are going to be so loved---actually, they already are!
    Glad you're feeling better :)

  3. Oh congrats! I totally wish I could come hug you. This is so amazing,

  4. It must have been very moving to see the heartbeats. And two of them! How exciting.

  5. Congratulations - how exciting!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! Phew! Now the fun part begins, GROWING! Best of luck!

  7. Congrats on your twins! So glad you had a great appointment and his mom was so happy about it ;)

  8. What a glorious sight!

    Congratulations again Rosie!

    You have touched on a topic so close to my heart...the older pregnant woman and religious relatives. I love that your MIL is delighted...regardless of how they came to be, your twins are making her a grand mother and that is all that should matter...and it seems with her that is all the information she needs! Good on her - and good on you!

    Wow! I can't wait to hear more!

    LS x