A Line

After the initial post-transfer calm began to fade, I had started madly googling 2 days ago to see when people start getting positive home pregnancy tests, and saw a bunch of early birds who tested positive on day 9, which was yesterday for me. (4dp5dt).

So after dreaming that I was in the bathroom peeing on a stick yesterday morning, I woke up and did so in real life, thinking how cool it would be to put that in my honey's Christmas stocking. I was very sad to see a bald, bare one line result, and tho I told myself it was early days, I felt depressed all day about it. It didn't ruin my Christmas, which was simple and sweet.. unlike so many others.

We have been running around from Syracuse for the transfer, to our home village for an overnight stop, then down to NYC for my work day on Thursday and a Christmas eve gathering with family friends in the Village. We brought my mom back upstate late Christmas eve, and she stayed until today. We logged about 13 hours of driving. Or should I say my honey has. Since the transfer he wont let me lift a finger. He has been driving, carrying, litterbox changing, dish washing, firewood bringing, PIO injecting, footrubbing, etc., etc. I have had it very easy and I'm grateful.

After all that mishugas, I had planned to take it super easy on Christmas, and gestate, do no cooking, see a movie and open gifts, which we did successfully. We even played a game, and had a lovely meal out. But I really love to cook, so I HAD to cook at least one thing to honor the day, and my wonderful husband and my wonderful mother, so instead of a traditional feast, I tried a new brunch recipe: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. They were SO GOOD. Sorry I didn't take a photo. They weren't around very long in any case. I sifted a little powdered sugar on top, and served them with sliced bananas and lemon curd. Oh man, were they good. It was a very easy and festive start to a happy, relaxing Christmas day.

As we were zipping upstate after midnight Christmas eve, we stopped on Hudson and Christopher and picked up a little tree for ten bucks from a guy packing up to go back to Canada. That is now nicely decorated with all of the unbreakable ornaments I have, plus some replaceable glass balls, so our young rambunctious cats don't cause a cat-astrophy. It looks very pretty glowing and sparkling in the corner as I write in my chair near the wood stove, with said cats stretching and muttering in their sleep, sweet hubby snoring on the couch, exhausted from his servitude, and the snow falling outside. Ahhh.

This morning, I had the exact same dream that I had yesterday morning, that I was POAS. I swear. I'm surprised I didn't wet the bed. It woke me up, and I stumbled downstairs to try the real thing again. My 79 year old mom, who has never really know what to do with animals, but who has wanted grandchildren desperately, was playing peek a boo with my young boy-kitty, who was relishing a new playmate. Past this little love scene and into the bathroom.

This time there was a faint but very-much-there line on the stick. Wow. I guess that means I'm pregnant.


  1. Wow, congratulations! Fingers crossed for you! -missohkay ICLW #66

  2. Rosie - thank you for delurking and posting congrats.

    But now...HUGE congrats are due to you. I was reading your post about to tell you that at 4dp5dt I'd gotten 2 lines in the evening and that ONLY I could see the 2nd line (after neurotically holding the stick to the light forever and tilting it just so and putting on my strongest reading glasses...and even then...).

    You got two lines - your pregnant! Woo Hoo!

  3. Wow! That is amazing news. You keep resting and looking after yourself and your precious cargo.

  4. YAY!!! This just brought a HUGE smile to my face! Thrilled for you. When is beta day?

  5. Wow - I literally gasped at the second to last sentence. Wonderful, wonderful!