Goodbye and Hello

I loved my old blog!! I’m upset that I have had to abandon it. I have been dying to blog for a long while, I've had things to share, and have really needed support around DE IVF issues, but I was caught in a bind of my own making... really slapping my forehead over this one.

In a moment of poor judgement, I had allowed a particular friend from my real life to read my old blog.  While I do have a few friends with whom I feel safe sharing my blogging, this one was a mistake. In all the years I've known her, watching her always on the extreme outs with some close friend or family member, I have always felt like I was walking on eggshells, just biding my time until I was the chosen one who's turn it was to be the bad, bad, friend. Well my turn came over the summer. What a shitstorm!

So now I no longer feel safe enough to write whatever I need to write in that blog, because she might read it, and she is not a safe person with good boundaries. Sigh. I really didn't think it through properly at the time. I will be more careful in the future! So, before giving someone you know access to your blog, as Michael Jackson says, “Take my advice.. remember to always think twice”.

I already have issues around needing to be as anonymous as possible, because I am a psychotherapist, and it would be very complicated if any of my clients were to find my blog.

I realized in this case that I would have to create a whole new blog, and start all over again, which really was inconvenient to say the least. I waited several months, unsure of how to handle things. It was upsetting to lose the ongoing connection that I was developing with all of you, it was so wonderful to be in the midst of a group of caring peers. I am going to contact people that I know who were reading the old blog so we can reconnect if you want to. So this is the new blog! If you want to visit my old one, it is here.

Currently I am mid cycle with a new egg donor. I expect her retrieval to be on December 15 or so. I will write more about this in my next post.


  1. Hi Rosie. Thanks for letting us know about cyclesista. I'm looking into why things aren't working properly.


  2. Oh, and in the meantime, best of luck, of course.


  3. Can you export your posts from your old blog and import them into this one? Anyway, lovely to meet you.